Friday, March 28

Exchange Rate

I first traveled to Canada in December of 2004 for my big tryout to become host of the Supercross Live! webcast. I headed to Vancouver and realized my cell phone no longer worked and neither did the American dollar (although we've heard it barely works anywhere these days....rimshot!). I still have about $20 canadian at my house that I swear I will remember to bring up to Canada one of these days. But we're about to leave for Toronto and I've forgotten again.

Should be interesting this weekend since the riders have had time off. I was really, really hoping that by now we'd have Tedesco and Langston and Alessi back in the mix, but I guess they've all switching to "wait until outdoors" mode which is really too bad. Tim Ferry is coming back, though, since he actually designed this track. You know, last year Timmy mentioned that he may have been worn down by the time the end of the nationals came around. He needed to step up in the last few rounds once the title was on the line, but he realized he was the only rider of the four battling for the AMA/Toyota Motocross Championship that had raced every supercross that season. Maybe he was a little burnt out by then. Timmy earned a month off of supercross this year with his injury. Maybe this will help. I've already heard he is pinning it on his outdoor track at home.

And I'm sure the weekend off was what Chad Reed needed. I don't know how he was able to carry his luggage home with two broken hands, but he did make it back to Australia and now back to the U.S. I think he's just trying to hang on for this title now since all chances of win records are out the window. Maybe that will open the door for some others.

I've also heard no Ryan Dungey this weekend. Suzuki wants him back on a 250F getting ready for J-Law in Seattle and the upcoming AMA/Toyota Motocross Lites battle. With the way Trey Canard has handled things in the East against Ryan Villopoto, a lot of riders have to be thinking the Lites outdoor crown is back up for grabs.

And speaking of Lites, the Toronto Lites race should be awesome! I expect such big names as
Jean-Luc Paqvette, J Marc Broussainault, Christopher Laliberte to be up there. Actually, I stole those names from the GNCC C class. I have no clue who is racing Lites this weekend. Maybe eh Mitche Cooke eh? I can only hope we get the two craziest announcers in the history of announcing, Cost and Trav from the Canadian Nationals on TV, to help. Back in '04 we had them up in the booth and I thought they were going to pop!


Anonymous said...

Wait a second, what exactly do you mean by “With the way Trey Canard has handled things in the East?” As I see it he has handled the East very nicely which includes salvaging a 4th on a night where he had taken a hard hit in practice. With a 24 point lead and three races remaining he could finish 4th to 3 Villopoto wins and still have the championship by 3 points. Without a Dungey like meltdown the only Lites title they should be thinking about would be 09.

Daniel said...

It would be fantastic if you somehow got those two announcers on the show. They might be some of the only announcers in the history of announcing that are as exciting to listen to as the actual event they announce (you and Holly in there too of course). They are a welcome change in a world where John Madden can get by simply stating the most obvious. "Well you see the play went wrong when he ran around this side of the offensive line. He didn't see that defender standing there and BOOM he gets tackled," all done on a slow motion replay with white squiggly marks drawn on the screen. Imagine what those two could do for... say the sport of Olymic curling. I say bring them on!!

geedavid said...

Sorry about my comment about Trey Canard posting as anonymus, I have been having getting my ID established. I still think you are a little off on Mr. Canard.

Jason Weigandt said...

I think a few readers have misunderstood what I wrote about Canard at the end of the post. When I said "With the way Canard has handled things in the East" I meant that he has shown it's possible to beat RV for a title, which has to have a lot of guys pumped up for the outdoors.

That's a compliment to Canard.