Sunday, March 16

Like Anyone Predicted This

Five winners now in Supercross, thanks to another un Reedlike moment from Chad Reed. Crashing while going for the lead? He doesn't do that!

And Reed might have been under the weather today but he was pulling his standard tricks and looking good to engineer a win. He got a horrible start but snaked to the inside and came out in about 5th--just like he did in Daytona when he got a bad jump there. Then he had just a few good lines he was making work for him, like an awesome outside line around a corner everyone that was killing everyone on the inside. Once he passed Windham and a bunch of others, and was going after Josh Hill who he had beaten plenty of times this year, I totally and truly believed Chad was going to pull this off after all.

But then he crashed in the whoops. Where did that come from?

And then Josh Hill and Ryan Dungey just straight up beat Kevin Windham. How about that?

And now Josh Hill has won a supercross race in just his second year as a pro. This has turned into one wild year. And somewhere at home guys like Tim Ferry, Ivan Tedesco and Grant Langston are sitting at home thinking "I could have won one, too!!!" It's been that kind of year.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. I'm a Reed fan, but ever since people in the industry started saying he was going to win them all he's just -- stopped trying it seems.
I know he was under the weather and everything, but something seemed to be wrong with Windham too. Something wrong with his bike? Or was he just off?
Although Reed didn't win, I'm pretty excited Josh Hill won a race. He seemed very pleased with himself up on the podium.
P.S. I just recently started reading your blog here and I really enjoy the insight. Keep up the great work!
-a two-stroke girl living in a four-stroke world

Anonymous said...

Weegee... Max here..
Dude you are so right about the riders who "can't thank" their sponsors!!!!!!!!!! If you can't thank them, DONT!!! HAHA. You should do your seminar for public speaking, you would make a killing!!!
And our boy COISY (nice pronunciation btw) being A COBRA along with Villuemin??? I'm digging it. But let me ask you this... Is Chad Reed a cobra too? Cause you wrote in your blog that "he snaked his way to second"!!!!!

Oh... how we like when people contradict themselves.... Nick Wey, whom I love by the way, saying in October on a Racerx ill films interview (still viewable online) how he felt right at home on the bike and that he couldn't believe how easy it was to get used to especially at the KTM SX track... This saturday telling Jim Holley how hard of a learning curve it is for him to get used to the bike.... Dude which is it?

Jason Weigandt said...

Two stroke girl,
I think the supercross Gods have struck Reed with lightning during the last month to ensure a good series. That's the only logical explanation I can give, besides saying he's not trying which will surely get me in hot water. Somewhere, deep down in Reed's mind, maybe he thought this would be a little too easy once James went out?

I know what you're saying on the Wey deal. I think nowadays riders talk about their bikes without any actual connection to how the bike is actually running. You're automatically wired to say "the bike worked awesome" regardless of how it's running.

And also automatic: "I can't thank my sponsors."

Kreative said...

Another obvious prediction: Marsack prays for rain mud every Saturday morning. He ain't a dry kind of guy. He's a mud bud. He no makey the main in MN.