Wednesday, March 26


El Blogandto and the fiance went back to New Jersey for a few days for Easter. I also wanted to check if those three-way offers were still open in the state. Alas, I guess such offers are only available to high ranking government officials. Like former NJ Governor Jom McGreevy, who admitted to a few "political parties with an independent candidate."

New Jersey has been living in the shadow of New York for centuries, but I think the state clearly beat its rival this time. Yes, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer did get caught with a hooker, but that just shows what a desperate man he is. New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey didn't have to pay a dime for his acts of adultry. And even better, now word is out that he was able to nail the elusive three-way while in office! Of course, McGreevey's affair and the three-way involved other men, but hey, these are two very progressive states and this just shows McGreevey was really willing to reach across the aisle (literally?) and come to terms with all groups. New York's guy just resorted to old fashioned payoffs to get his work done.

I only wonder what traps this sets up for the people that take the place of guys like McGreevey and Spitzer. Current New Jersey Governor John Corzine crashed his car big time while speeding to the Don Imus/Rutgers Women's Basketball team meeting (you can't make this stuff up). New York's new Governor is, well, he won't be seeing any other women in the future (sorry). He luckily just came right out and admitted both he and his wife have cheated on each other in the past. Rumor has it that Jose Canseco is already writing a book about this--I think he shot NY Governor Paterson's wife with HGH.

Yeah, I love going back there for a few days. You just have to be really careful when someone asks for a campaign contribution.


T-Square said...

does the NY or NJ govs. get there sond or daughters free MBA degrees too?

scott lukaitis said...

Funny- That's only the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes I listen to what is going on in the great state of New Jersey and can't believe this is real life not some movie. Regardless of the corruption and political pandering NJ is still a great place to live.

Just think we have both Barry Carsten and Jason Lawrence from New Jersey. There couldn't be two more different riders on the nationals today.

Keep up the great work

Kreative said...

Jersey? What exit.
That entire state should fade to black.