Wednesday, March 5


Yesterdays gncc was old school. It was just an old fashioned battle of who trained harder and who could dig deepest. Three hours on sand is bad, and its made even worse when the parts that aren't whooped out are covered in these giant palmettos that feel like riding on conrete blocks. I didn't realize how bad it would be until david knight rolled into the finish with a giant lead. I figured he was cruising to the finish. But the guy was exhausted. Just spent. He told me the problem was that if you went too slow the track was actually harder, so he had to keep pushing. Then I knew the rest of the guys would be in trouble. Sure enough jimmy

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Englishman in S.D said...

Completely unrelated to this story I'm afraid..
Canard is French for Duck , Treys new nickname is Donald.
Say what's up to Donald from me next time you see him Weedge.