Wednesday, March 19

I have seen the future

And it is this: Yamaha putting a helmet cam on their rider and then putting the videos up on their website. Click here.


Kreative said...

How long until a rider "accidentally" leaves their helmet thing you know we have an AMA sex tape on our hands (stepping off the Reed hate train: please let it be 22's footage!).

Jarid332 said...

That would be like DMXS putting a podcast of the radio show on their website.

Jason Weigandt said...

Dude I was merely thinking of a guy taking one last leak before the main (which Cole Siebler apparently did with the Speed helmet cam on this year). You've taken it to another level! That would be the greatest Yamaha ad ever. "Win races, get chicks."

Sign up for the DMXS zubzkription on iTunes. I get the podcast of each show downloaded automatically.

ian and kate said...

commenting on your "top ten reasons to race a 450 on off weekends"
i love number 7. Larger bike will off-set growing head size and thwart those steroid rumors.
and 4. Bike can also be used as handy paper weight for your desk.
so true, those bikes are so much heavier than what i thought they would be!
your top ten and new picture really made me chuckle. keep up the great work!
-a two-stroke girl living in a four-stroke world

Kreative said...

Cole Siebler rocks! No one mentioned he got second in his Daytona heat. Unfortunately for my Idaho pal, he's only made, what, 3 mains this year?!

I did not know about the pre-race tinkle being caught on tape. Seeing as how the Idaho idol hasn't given us much front-o'-pack footage for Speed, I presume his bathroom action lasted a good 30 or 40 seconds longer (depending on how much he drank prior) than his on-track excitement.

On track: double jump.
In bathroom: double shake. Don't scrub or you'll hit the rim!