Saturday, March 1


So Chad Reed gets to build his own supercross track this week, and as expected he equips it with the Reed favorites: 180 degree corners seperating rhythm sections. I've heard Chad lamenting the loss of back-to-back rhythm lanes since they started going away back in 2005. I think the theory is that riders are thinking about one lane while they're racing through another, and that leads to crashes.

But if you're Chad Reed those sections are easy, and you'd just as soon make the whole darned track a technical rhythm section. Maybe throw in some gnarly whoops. So Chad did his best to build this track to his liking--Windham and Stewart said they built their tracks to be fun but not neccesarily favor them. Reed, well, hey, can you blame the guy for taking advantage?

But here's the irony. The most difficult rhythm section here is after the start. And would you believe that Kevin Windham was the first to dial it in cleanly, tripling in and out and then tripling the jump out of the next corner. Next to do it was Davi Millsaps. It took Reed awhile to get it down. He seemed to be unhappy with his suspension, too. So Windham ended up fastest in the first practice session.

A few minutes later Ryan Dungey was out there in unseeded practice, and he actually put in the fourth fastest time of anyone, just behind Windham, Reed and Millsaps. I was impressed that Dungey actually put in a lap a tiny bit faster than Josh Hill, his fellow pro sophomore who has already been riding a 450.

But then it all changed in the second session, when Hill went out and put in the fastest time of anyone! Yup, even a tenth quicker than Reed. I think Windham was looking around more than working on going all out for his lap, and Millsaps spent some time working on his machine in the mechanic's area as well. The bottom line is that this track didn't separate the riders once everyone figured out the tricky combinations. I think now it will come down to the ruts. It already looks bad out there and some of the more technical combinations may not be doable every lap. This could lead to mistakes, and I think that will be the deciding factor as opposed to all-out speed.

Dungey crashed out of the second session when he cased a triple bad. He's shaken up but otherwise okay.

In Lites, RV2 looked much more like his old self, just aggressive and attacking everything. But Josh Grant had a faster time in the first session and Trey Canard beat everyone (!) in the second one. Very impressive.

I really pumped (super, even) on how the series is going right now, except for this ridiculous string on injuries. But at the front, the wins are really in doubt. Make sure to tune in for our webcast.


Anonymous said...

Hey Weegee, what up dude? It's Max.
Just so you guys know, COISY is pronounced KWAH-ZEE . My first language is French (Canada) so that's how I know. Thanks for the great coverage.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You, my friend, are an paint the most vivid of's as if this Dell monitor in front of me is spewing noxious race fuel fumes as I read this comunique from the trenches. I actually think I am there, in Indy and not, sitting in my cubicle of life.



MIKE D said...

IM BACK! (so long as you dont edit me again)

Dungys riding style suites the 450. I said his riding style looked and reminded me of David Bailey. David Baileys riding style was suited well for 500 2-strokes... therefore, Dungy should do well on the big bike also. Nowadays,(cant believe I just said that) the only way to truely compare riding style is Outdoors. So, Dungy also said he didnt want to get into the top twenty in points, what now? If he screws up and gets second place next weekend, what happens then?

He's Super FAST, or crashes several times and still gets top ten. He can do all of that in the Supercross class!!!!

Hey Roger De Coster,

Wanna have two guys racing for the 450 Outdoor National Championship???

Ryan Dungy and Mike Alessi.

Let Dungy Fly................

Mike D

Anonymous said...

Weege you do a great job on the live webcast but your repeated Bob Varsha moments where driving me crazy. Trey Canard has not led every lap of his supercross career. If you remember at Atlanta Ryan sipes led him for over half the heat race. You still rule but come on.

swizcore said...

Is it just me or is Josh Hill trying to talk just like his buddy J Law now? In his post race interview he was moving his jaw around making it look like speaking is hard; just like Lawrence does.

Daniel said...

So I spend quite a bit of time looking at the various websites that will carry pictures of the racing each weekend. From the posts on Mototalk, I know I'm not the only one to notice this. However this subject has not been touched on here. We don't need a big deal with it, but it is worth mentioning.

Have you seen the 30 second girl pictures from Indy??!! Holy cow!! I usually make my wife look at the pics and make some sort of smart elic remark about the girly ones. I'm actually a little afraid to bring those 30 second girl pics to her attention though. I don't want to get yelled at for looking at them. Yowsa! How are they still getting away with that!!

I now return you to your normally scheduled blogging.

Jason Weigandt said...

Thanks for the headsup. Vuillemin told me that a few weeks ago when he introduced me to the guy, and then I just ignored it. I will go back to the correct deal.

Anonymous (Canard facts)
You know, I didn't realize Sipes passed him for real in Atlanta, I thought they were just battling and Sipes was putting major pressure on, but I didn't think Canard got passed. Shows what I know!

Mike D,
I couldn't believe how close Dungey was to the top 450 guys. It will be very hard to keep him on a Lites bike for long--but then he could wad it up next week.

rocky said...

I also noticed Hill's attempts to sound like a slack-jawed stoner on the podium. Being around J-Law is undoubtedly rubbing off on him, but I hope he's not talking that way on purpose. There's no shame in not talking like you just smoked a blunt and have a mouthful of peanut butter.

On the subject of the 30 second board girls, I'm all for 'em having some cheak pop out from under their ultra miniskirt. It's just a little confusing. They used to grind like lap dancers, then they got toned down, and now they're showing thong.

Anybody else notice that the one board girl (the one that walks in front of the riders holding the Main Event et al signs) appears to be rather fond of doughnuts? Maybe it's just the camera adding 10 bounds or maybe my HD is scrambled, but that chick has serious meat on her bones. Not that I'm complaining.

cpsmith58 said...

Ok, what's the deal? No one has said what happened to Windham last week. I just read "Observations" and he slammed you on the whole 'Cobra' thing but didn't know what happened to KDub, so here's your much-anticipated chance to slam Matthes back. WTH happened to Windham? Arm pump? The old KDbud (say it ain't so, Kev). Bike problems? No way his fitness let him down that hard at this late stage of the game. C'mon, Weege, inquiring minds want to know.