Saturday, March 15


Strange things happening here in Minneapolis. Trey Canard crashed early in the second practice/qualifying session and limped off the track, hurting either his knee or his ankle. He's supposed to be okay as far as racing tonight, but he still missed the rest of qualifying, which doesn't bode well. In the first session, he and his teammate Josh Grant were battling and they collided and Canard fell. I was pretty shocked to see them battling hard and then even more shocked to see them come together in a corner like that. What's up with that?

Then Chad Reed just straight up no-shows for the second practice for 450s. My man Jim Holley told me Chad was sick and apparently that was the problem. I have a sneaking suspicion he will be plenty good for the main tonight. Chad's a gamer.

Windham looks good though, and even Minnesota's own Heath Voss was fairly strong out there. And now Preston just turned in the fourth fastest lap of anyone, although riding in a different session than the seeded guys. Wait, now Dungey just stepped up and went third fastest.

Okay, I think this is one of those "lap times mean nothing" nights. The track is way fast and not tricky at all so everyone should be able to go good here. I think we'll have some good racing and maybe some aggressive moves since passing is going to be tough--no one has a different rhythm down through any sections to make a difference. A block pass or two could be the difference maker tonight.

And it's not raining here inside. That's nice.


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Kreative said...

Grant figured "Hey, taking out RV was easy, and everyone believed my story. How difficult would it be to 'not see' my own teammate? Heck, I'm only a bajillion points behind; man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."

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Take a look at Villopoto's headshot used on the live timing thing at

That has got to be the freakiest picture of the world's youngest redheaded drag queen in motorsports history!!!

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Preston is leading the parade lap (according to that supercross online live timing thing)!! Only twenty more to go!!

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Can't you just hear "J-Law" ?,

"if that POS Dungey got 2nd, I coulda smoked 'em !"


M. Brown

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And J Law would say it without his lips touching, and showing each and everyone one of his Hannah-esque teeth.