Wednesday, March 19

On the PR theme

Wow, the previous post here drew more comments than any one yet, so we're going to keep on the PR theme (and make sure you read all the comments from the previous post). Today I got this press release from a rider out of the Amateur Nationals down in Texas. I only read it because at first I thought O.J. Simpson's old roommate had started racing. But it turns out we have a new phenomenon on our hands.


Petrolia, Ontario (March 18, 2008) – Upon concluding very successful qualifying races during the Lake Whitney Spring Classic in Whitney, Texas, last weekend, Canadian, Dylan Kaelin rode his Privateer Honda to an impressive tenth place finish in the second moto of the Motocross B Modified Class.

Kaelin finished the weekend placing 12th overall in the Motocross B Modified class, 18th overall in the Motocross B Stock class, 25th overall in the Motocross Lites B Stock class, and 29th overall in the Four Stroke Open (A&B) Class.

Lake Whitney was a learning experience”, explained Kaelin of, Grand Bend, Ontario. “I know I have the speed to be a top ten rider in the B class. Unfortunately the track was really one lined and if you did not have an inside gate pick you had a long moto ahead of yourself. I am really looking forward to racing at Oakhill this week. My goal is to continue to improve on my results. This week I want to focus on my starts and qualify well to give myself better gate choices for the main events.”

A press release about a rider who scored tenth in one B class moto? Is this newsworthy? It reminds me of the dad who came up to me at the Racer X booth at Broome-Tioga a few years back. He was wondering why the magazine kept ignoring his son, who finished top five in the B class in his local AMA District. WOW!!!!!! I danced and danced around telling him "Uh, that's not really that exceptional" and instead told him Racer X usually only covers pros. But then he hit me with a little stat carefully engineered to blow my mind. "Oh, you don't think top five in the local B class is worthy of a Racer X feature? Well let me add this little tidbit: the kid is just 17!!!!!!!!!"

The dad seemed to think he had Doogie Houser on his hands.


Kreative said...

And that release has errors throughout, too!

ian and kate said...

Starting with the first press release, sounds like they wanted to focus on the underdog once in a while. I know I get tired of reading about the same top two or three guys every week; there's only so much you can say about them.
And I hate it when parents try to live their extinguished dream through their kids. How much you want to bet that the parent who came up to you is the same parent who took his child out of school in order for him to practice as much as possible? And even if he did make it to the pros, you can just laugh because taking him out of school meant he didn't learn to talk properly.
-a two-stroke girl living in a four-stroke world

Jason Weigandt said...

Two Stroke Girl,
That's the worst part, when a parent makes the kid single-minded just to get to the top. When they don't get there it's bad. The good thing for our sport is that it's pretty easy to figure out who is going to be great. But not all parents follow those signs.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching ESPN yesterday and they are showing clips from a press conference with the top rated high school football player in the nation (his name escapes me). As this 18 year old kid sits there with his Chad Reed-sized rocks in each ear, he's telling the nation how he doesn't like the attention and it's not his fault that he is the greatest football player in the nation. He then declares that he will attend the University of Ohio State (not Ohio State University). He called a similar press conference a month or so ago to tell the nation that he hadn't decided where he will attend college yet. This should give all you Michigan fans something to cheer about. Talk about bad PR...

MxOldTimer said...

Man, top 1o at an amature national is pretty descent, B class or not, I looked into that kid and he's only 14 years old. Thats pretty impressive, he'll probably get a good ride by the time his sixteen and then maybe even be a threat in the lites class. I have a couple sons that race and sure their friends and them all watch the pros, but they are really interested in kids there own age. maybe racer x and the rest of the industry need to talk and support these top amateurs. Hey it worked for Moto Playground, Amatuer MX, The Pickle and Vurb Moto. Look at these riders coming up like Trey Canard and Austin Stroupe, the fact is these kids can ride.