Friday, March 7

are you serious

Chad reeds bike blew up on the last lap while he had a giant lead. I can't even believe this. That's the hardest rain I have ever seen during a race. It was a monsoon. I'm glad we had enough going on to where I got to do something, I waa worried my first gig here would have ended up with me not getting to do anything.

Ok I am heading to gncc in georgia with the scott goggle guys. That's my fourth race in a week. Daytona week rules!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Was watching that and it was unbelievable! I was yelling at the end even though I was alone and watching it taped this morning! And was that you I spotted by the mechanics, all drenched and muddy in a silver/gray jacket? (I've got two tapes of this if you want one for posterity).


Anonymous said...

Kdub is awesome. Canard has my old number- no wonder why he is so fast LOL. Even my family liked watching this race. Love the mud cuz it makes the heroes look human.

Indian Duneser

yamaonda157 said...

How does Reed get credit with 6th if he never crossed the finish line a lap ahead or not? If I was 7th and crossed the line when he did not I'd be a tad upset.


Ben Trujillo said...

Hey weege, just a quick question. I have noticed the past few races Reed and Villopoto wearing what looks to be a different kind of neck brace. Maybe a future unreleased Leatt? Or maybe a different brand all together. Or maybe I am just seeing things and it is the same old leatt they have always worn. Please help, I figured you would have some info since you are so close to the riders. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

So it looks like a lock that Chad will win Daytona, but at the last minute the Daytona Supercross by Honda is swept by Honda. Which can only mean DMG is already arranging the results!


Anonymous said...

It was karma for cutting the track repeatedly. Okay, not cutting, but not even attempting to come back on safely anywhere remotely near where he slid off. Man, I'm trying to type nice even though I want to say no one wanted Reed to win (outside Ellie, the San Manuel tribe and whomever hooked Reedy up with that creepy looking sugar drink sponsorship). On a related note, kudos to Ralph (who thinks pulling a roll-off is the rider's sign that something is wrong with their goggles), Fro and RC for pretending to be upset that Reed didn't win.

Jason Weigandt said...

No not me, I had a red Daytona golf shirt on, and with water proof boots and an umbrella I didn't even get wet! What a fun event, though. Amazing how the NASCAR people are already rigging things....

Reed still completed 11 laps, and only 5 riders did 12, so he was the top placing rider who did 11.

I did hear the Karma thing quite a bit, and there's NO doubt Reedy sped back onto the track to make sure he stayed in front of K-Dub's roost--that was not the first "safe point." Then he got penalized so I guess it all worked out.

MIKE D said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, "karma" is all over the net. I'm glad it worked out this way cuz if he would've crossed the line first (see how I did not use the word "won") only to get docked 3m30s, it would've been a bigger stink than when RC got his 25 points back from the Fuel Gate Conspiracy. Then we'd have to listen to Chad whiiiine all season about "Yeah, my Bridgestones hooked up and I know my team will help me make up the points from Daytona."

*insert awkward blue water bottle energy drink shake HERE*

I'm watching the Daytona race yet again, and the only shortcut Chad didn't use was by hopping on the Kawasaki Camera Mule.