Tuesday, April 15

April 15

All of these speeches and plans for a new America that each of the candidates promises for November sound awesome. But today, when I have to go down to the post office and mail out a whole bunch of money to the government, it's easy to start feeling really selfish. I mean, I could buy a really gnarly plasma/flatscreen/HD TV with an iPod, surround sound, satellite, internet, huge speakers and woofers and all of this crap and maybe even a radical/trick new cell phone with the money I'm about to drop. It would be sweet. And also, uh, yeah, boost the economy, yeah. That's it.


Paul said...

um, single-guy homeowner... do you need to re-assess your withholding statement or perhaps consider a tax accountant?

Jason Weigandt said...

P Dub,
Paid the accountants well to keep me out of jail. All of my announcing money comes in freelance (untaxed) so come April 15th every year, I have to pay back all of the taxes I didn't pay for all of those races.

Even the mortgage interest and a home equity loan could only make a small dent!

Where's my refund check?

Daniel said...

It is probably best to keep paying all that dough in every year. I mean you could just not mention that extra income, but I hear that doesn't turn out well for people. Wouldn't want to read on Racer X that you were going to prison for tax evasion. I'd have no where to post blogs about dirt bikes then.