Friday, April 25

death and taxes

Today I had to come to Chicago for an arenacross tv taping. I was a little nervous. Obviously when you fly out of O'Hare airport you know your flight will be delayed.It is simply impossible for a plane to stay on schedule here, so I made sure to take the 5 pm flight to Seattle, because taking the last one at 8 pm would be a disaster.

So how is this 5 pm flight working out? The plane was late getting in, we were late boarding, and by then there was too much traffic on the runway to get out, so we have been sitting here on the tarmac for two hours waiting for the runway to clear. Two hours. No joke, they are now going to start the in flight movie...while we are on the ground!!!
What other system works this poorly?


Kevin said...

2 Hours on the tarmac??!!!!!
I would be sooooooo nauseous.

Anonymous said...

What other system works that poorly - at least in my single day experience, jury duty.

A gang member is on trial for assault with a deadly weapon AND for threatening the lives of several witnesses willing to testify against him. No less than 4 officers are on the list to testify against the guy.

So the judge asks if anyone has any issues with the case or any bias. I raised my hand and said I had 2 brothers in the police force and have heard all the stories. I also mentioned that after hearing the charges, the number of officers willing to testify against the guy, and getting a chance to see the accused, that I had already formed an opinion. I mean come on, there is a reason the guy got caught up in "something" here.

The prosecuting attorney of all people questions me like I am on the other side. He asked if I would hold the testimony of an officer with greater weight or truth than a civilian. Hell yeah I would - this isn't stealing cookies here. The cops are TRAINED to pay attention to details - to spot the bad guys and to use educated judgement. For some reason the rest of the people in the court room seemed surprised that I spoke up.

I analized the lawyers on both sides, what they wore, how the spoke, and how they carried themselves. I was most impressed with the Prosecutor. Funny thing is he was the one who challenged me - asking if even after hearing the charges and presuming guilt, that if after the facts were heard and I felt the guy was innocent would I still convict. Of course not - I have some integrity. Nonetheless - after a short recess I was excused from consideration.

Here's the kicker - I feel it's people like myself that are best suited to make a fair and impartial decision in the end and yet I got let go. The room was filled with wishy-washy types that will probably let the guy off.

And by the way, I hate flying. Why do they shut off from keeping the throttle pinned and what the heck are we running into up there that causes all that turbulence !

Kreative said...

Right now RV is telling it like it is before the Lites main. How refreshing!!

Anonymous said...

HA.. you just wrote about my transfer at Ohare back to LA from Budds Creek last year! 2 HOURS in the plane cued up while a storm passed over. They had The Office with Steve Carell playing, I'm not sure which was worse, the wait or the show. Hey did you see any UFO's??