Sunday, April 27


Yes, Seattle is still cool. But I never could get on the internet, and I spent most of the day trying to do it and failing, which means lots of wasted time. The result? No blog updates, no videos in the pits, and I DIDN'T GET TO MAKE MY MOTOXDREAM.COM PICKS!!

Looks like I will be handing my office fantasy SX crown over to Billy Ursic this year unless I can get commish Tim Boryk to embark the "one race drop" rule.

Anyway, what a friggin' race last night. Totally makes up for all of the frustrations of the day. I only hope the TV crew gets it altogether for the post-season wrap-up show that will air on CBS Sunday after the Vegas finale. That race last night was movie-script level deep digging from Windham and Reed, both reaching way back and finding something extra, and doing something they shouldn't have been able to do. K-Dub got a tuff block cover caught in his wheel, and we all know you're toast when that happens. Somehow, someway, he figured out how to get that cover out without losing that much time. Then he dug down and found some extra speed and endurance, and charged all the way back in sight of the leaders.

For awhile it looked like Andrew Short would notch his first win, but ultimately, he was just a mere mortal riding against two riders, Reed and Windham, that need to put in super-human performances to win a championship. Reed, too, was nowhere for most of the race, but from lap 14 on he absolutely pinned it and made up huge ground in a short amount of time.

In the end, both Windham and Reed felt like winners, and now some of the heat between them has cooled. Reed is now pissed at Short, who did everything save from breaking Reed's leg in a corner to try to stop him from getting second-place points. They both talked some junk after the race, too.

And in the Lites, Jason Lawrence did what he had to do, taking second and igniting probably the biggest victory party the Lites class has ever produced. Ryan Dungey, though, is notably more calm and relaxed and happy now than he was in Houston, even though he lost the title tonight. I think, in the long run, this championship loss will actually make him better.

And hey, we had Ryan Villopoto on the show and he talked trash on Trey Canard and J-Law. See you in Vegas, boys, or even better, see you outdoors!


Clash said...

All this talk about MXD and no mention of how DMXS1 is kicking all your asses! Nuff said.

Tits Legendary said...

Dear Weegalicious,
Are the Supercross Live webcasts available for download anywhere? I was out of town over the weekend and I was not able to listen in on Saturday night. I am very interested in hearing what Villopodium had to say about Lawrence and Canard.

Tits Legendary said...

So, I just watched the St. Louis Lites race. I got to see the questionable pass between Villopodium and Canard. While I believe the pass wasn't "dirty", it was a little reckless. Canard made the pass and I have to give it to him, he made it work. I, personally, wanted Villo to take the championship. I was quite surprised when he dropped the "F" bomb in his post race interview. Do you know who Billy Payne was trying to fight when Villo was getting interviewed?
One last thing, it is probably too late now, but can you please tell Emig and Ralph that Ben Coisy's last name is pronounced "Kwa-zee" and not "coy-zee"?

Jason Weigandt said...


Head over to they have the archives up. It was a fun night, as fun as any we've ever had. The riders are really tearing each other up and I love it.

On the site, you'll see the Live! link across the top, and there you will find the archives.