Saturday, April 5


The hole in the roof works. The track here in Dallas was soaked this morning due to rain on Thursday night. And of course when the Dirt Wurx crew took the plastic covering off of the track, some of the water from the tarp splashed right back on to the track. Yes, David Vuillemin would not be happy about that tarp removal technique (unfortunately, DV is out for the night anyway after a crash at the Suzuki track this week).

Anyway, the track was wet and sticky at 11:15 when the track walk began. By 5 p.m., when practice was finished, they actually had to bring the water truck out because it was dusty out here. And ironically, right now as the water truck is about to come out, they're playing the same videos on the big screen they have been showing since January: how to set up a bike to race in mud. They shot this stuff in San Francisco.

Anyway, this track will be hard and dry. I thought that would lend itself to Kevin Windham's style since he's so smooth and has great throttle control, and he always used to rail here in this stadium. But Chad Reed completely stomped everyone in the practice sessions, putting in times nearly a second faster than everyone else on both his first and second fastest lap times. He's got it dialed. Uh oh for the rest of the pack.

You know who else looks strong? If you did you wouldn't be reading this so I'll tell you. Andrew Short is going good. Andrew does live in Texas now, so maybe that means something. Honestly, I thought he would suffer a bit with the new practice format they're using today. The riders ride a lap or two, and then the red flag it, send everyone back behind the starting gate, and then start the timed practice. I asked Kevin Windham about it and he said he had no idea why the format changed, and I said it was probably for safety so guys don't go out and charge on their first lap around the track. He rightfully said that hardly anyone has ever gotten hurt on the first lap of practice. So who knows.

Anyway, I thought this new format would hurt Shorty, because he always, always pins it on his very first lap in order to get a good time on the board. Some guys work their way into it, but you always see 29 among the fastest laps as soon as the session begins. But, he actually looks better than ever with this new format. I don't know if that means anything, but I do know Shorty likes hard pack better than ruts.

In Lites, Ryan Villopoto has it totally dialed on lap times. But Trey Canard is a cool customer. I was stranded at the hotel this morning because Steve Cox was all West Coast timed and said he couldn't get me to the stadium by 10 a.m. So I was stuck without a ride. I saw Trey in the lobby and asked if he had room, and his mom quickly picked up for him and said they will make room. So we cruised over in the Canard van, with Greg, his massive trainer, at the wheel. Trey even gave up the last seat in the van for me, and he sat on his helmet. I told him he didn't have to do that, but then I figured hey he's all in shape and stuff so he could handle it. Plus, the kid doesn't seem to get upset over anything. He really looks like he's having fun and feeling zero pressure. So I figured he could sit on his helmet during the drive.

But way, if Canard does poorly tonight, we know why.


Daniel said...

It's probably good you didn't sit on his helmet. What if you'd broken the visor or something. It's not like they couldn't get a new visor for the thing, but I would feel horrible if I broke someone's helmet.

Anonymous said...

well we all know why Canard had to go to the LCQ

Anonymous said...

The Weegee board, what up dude?
Man, i think you've been hanging out a little too much with the riders because your english has suffered: "he is going good"!!! That doesn't seem proper, even for me Canadian frog!!! What next?? "I can't thank my fans!!!!!!!"

On a different note, what about the Hansen deal?? That kinda suck but I don;t think the kid is very serious. I met him once at the track here in LA when he was on KTM, Gorman to be exact, and the guy could not have been nicer. That was when step seats were new and he was telling me the benefits... He was super nice.
He kinda blew it because that deal with JGRMX looked pretty sweet to me.

Already dude, good job on the webcast yesterday.