Wednesday, April 2

April 2

Yes well the Blogandtites have spoken, and apparently they're disappointed that I didn't come up with something good for April Fool's day yesterday. So to make it up to you, I'm going to mount my best Mike LaRocco come-from-behind attempt and come up with some good stuff.

- The JGRMX team thought Josh Hansen was actually going to work out.

- Ryan Villopoto is on the ropes in the Lites East Class at the hands of a rookie.

- James Stewart isn't going to win the AMA Supercross Title

- The Butler Brother's MX team swept the podium at a supercross

- Travis Preston is riding Stewart's bike

- Kevin Windham is riding harder and stronger and better than ever

- Josh Hill won a supercross. On a 450.

- Chad Reed has been inconsistent

- Nathan Ramsey is having a much better season than he had last year

- Travis Pastrana completed a three hour GNCC without getting hurt

There you go. A belated bunch of April Fool's jokes. There's no way any of that stuff could actually happen for real.


Kevin said...


Changes Daily said...

Sheesh, and I was hoping for your industry insight on the Hansen deal, and most importantly, who they'll have riding the bike for outdoors?

OrangeRider said...

Thats funny. could you imagine if any of that stuff really happened. Too bad we are stuck with the same old booooring Supercross Season. I hope this summer is a little more exciting.

MIKE D said...


Gavin Grayck will ride the wheels off of that JGR Yamaha!!!
I had the biggest grin on my face when I read the news!!

GO 273!

Kreative said...

I'm willing to bet grins were everywhere with the Gavin news. Hard worker. Nice guy. Everyone can relate.

There has to be a lot behind the scenes with Josh that most of us will never know about, but you can't help but say "I told you so." The kid had one very good year in the tiddler sx class, and the rest was pure crap in terms of overly aggressive riding, supercars, partying.