Sunday, April 6

Dallas 2


Anyway, tonight was supercross. Chad Reed won thanks again to his slight edge in speed, big advantage in knowing how to win races, and a little dose of determination. Reedy has winning figured out, he never tries to pull away by a few feet in each turn, but he tries to pull away by inches, and it never rattles him if someone is hanging close. He knows they will eventually make more mistakes than him, and he will win. He just understands how to manage 20 laps, which comes from the experience of winning 30 plus races throughout his career. At no point was Chad ahead by more than four seconds. At no point did it seem like his lead was in danger.

The battle for second was unbelievable. The track was hard to pass on because there's so little traction that no one could go to the inside and knife under anyone. The track had five 180 degree turns. There were no block passes.

The second place battle was classic supercross. Hill was there and just digging deep, riding a wide bike and trying to recover from each mistake he made in time to cover his lines and prevent anyone from passing. It was like playing help defense in the NBA, he would slip and give someone the step, but he would close off the spot before Millsaps could get past. At one point they touched in mid air, and Millsaps actually left a tire track on Hill's back. And neither crashed.

Kevin Windham was hanging it out hard in fourth. K-Dub doesn't usually make hige mistakes and live on the edge, but he was doing it tonight and he managed to keep riding like that the whole race without tightening up. It led to great racing.

And yes I must have jacked Trey Canard because almost everything that could have gone wrong for him went wrong. The kid really does keep his cool out there even in the worst of times.

By the way, now I have to go share a bed with Andy Bowyer who told me his feet smell like garlic and onions combined with milk left in a cooler that sat in the cab of a truck all day in the summer. We roll high end.


Daniel said...

Sharing a bed... hum the reminds of the Budds des Nations last fall. I booked my hotel over a year in advance. I called my hotel many (like way more than once) times during last year to confirm they still had my reservation. I arrived. They had no reservation for me, even though I called 4 days prior to the trip. The guy at the counter said he would help me out though. It was Friday night at 11:00 pm. He told me they had a room that was already available after being booked. He told me that one of their "regulars" had booked it. Do you see where this is going? He was not kidding either. It only had one bed, because that's all this room required since it was a "high traffic room." Not kidding. My week was not going as planned. Monday before the trip my guy who was booked with me to go for a year bailed on me. I called probably 8 people begging for someone to go. Finally my best-est friend agreed. Now I have to tell him we need to share a bed. Duh! The guy at the desk just handed me the new sheets and told me to throw the old ones in the hallway and he'd be back to pick them up. "Seriously??" He again wasn't kidding. We had to change the already used sheets ourselves. He did let us have the room for a discounted rate for both Friday and Saturday night. Needless to say we left NOTHING in the hotel room in between. In retrospect, we should have just slept in the Jeep in the Walmart parking lot on Friday and snuck into the DMXS RV Saturday night. Sounds like they had enough people they wouldn't have noticed anyway. We survived though and to my knowledge neither of us got herpes or anything. I did learn he snores and if you poke him hard enough in the ribs he rolls over and quits. Some things you just shouldn't have to do... even to with your best friend.

Anonymous said...

Whats up with Hanny? You got any inside info? Whats up with that guy.

Jason Weigandt said...

Seems like everyone is interested in the Hanny deal. I'll have to make a post here with what I know...