Saturday, April 19


As my buddy Andy Bowyer always reminds us, St. Louis always brings the drama in Supercross. Check out Andy's Rev Up here for his take Last year we had the wild Stewart/Reed take out exchange, the year before the absolute impossible happened when Ricky Carmichael crashed out of his heat race, crashed in the first turn of the main, and broke his bike all in one night (RC, basically, never did any of those three things, but in STL '06, he did all of them at one time).

Yes, there's usually something crazy in St. Louis, but Chad Reed is doing his best right now to prevent that from being the case. He looked really good in the first practice, in fact, he looked pretty much normal, and at one time he held the fastest lap time of the whole group!
Later, Kevin Windham stepped up and put in a time a half second faster that Reed's best. Then the AMA removed Chad's fastest lap because he stopped on the track, which is now no longer allowed. This bumped Chad to third in that first session. But it wasn't really about having the fast time for Chad. It was about proving he could ride, which he did.

So if you're expecting Chad to struggle to 12th again, don't count on it. Unless something wicked this way comes....

Torco Racing Fuels Honda has imported Dan Reardon to the 450 class tonight. Next week, Josh Grant will race the 450 in Seattle. Both are saying it's so they can get experience on the bigger bike. Realistically, I think the boys are here to get between Windham and Reed. If Chad had another bad round like he did last weekend, and he was struggling, a guy like Reardon getting into the top 10 could push Chad back. But the way Chad looks now, it may be a pointless endeavor as far as changing points. Reardon is running lap times about the same as Keith and Kevin Johnson right now, so I'm not sure he'll be a threat to get in front of Reed. I'm pumped to see what Grant can do next week, though.

In Lites, RV is way, way faster than everyone else. Straight up. He's almost two seconds a lap faster than everyone else. The kid is firing on all cylinders now, so Canard will have to pray for a miracle. You never know around here though....


Reese said...

Miracle happened! I can't believe RV didn't win. It's disappointing, but it might be humbling for RV, and it might just make him that much better. Look out this summer!

Kreative said...

You wrote "...Canard will have to pray for a miracle..." Did the rant go something like this: "Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, please let Ryan hit the scaffolding. Not hard. Just hard enough. And please, JC, let me hold a straight face on the podium when I say I didn't mean to do it. Amen."

Canard should seek sponsorship from Target, ala Dungey, cuz that Okie's gonna have a big bullseye on his jersey all season.