Monday, April 21


My dad listens to every SX Live! broadcast and he pointed something out to me via email on Saturday night. After the Lites LCQ, Matt Boni won the Asterisk Mobil Medic Card and then said on the podium: "can't thank Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior."As dad said, this is taking lack of thanks to the highest possible level!

Indeed, the forgetting of "enough" in the "can't thank my team enough" interviews is getting out of hand. Today Andy Bowyer completed an interview with ATV motocross legend Doug Gust, and Doug of course said "I can't thank my team" in his interview. I proof read it for Andy and explained to him that Doug made the classic mistake of forgetting to say "enough" and Andy didn't even realize what I was talking about. It's just automatic at this point.

As you know, I'm very passionate about getting better interviews since that's basically all I do in life. Last week I had to call my sister who was in the hospital after knee surgery, and I nearly slipped and asked her is she would be back for the nationals! It's automatic for me at this point.

So I'm really into this. And enough is enough.


Daniel said...

I wish the best on your quest to make riders have best speak. Some be easy to change, some might be hard to convince they say bad.

Saw you in the pits at St. Louis Saturday afternoon. I was scanning the pits like an eagle looking for you. Wanted to come over and say hello. I let my gaurd down for a minute to actually talk to my wife rather than drag her around behind me while looking for you. Then you walked by too far away to get to. Duh! I was going to ask you how the tour of Budweiser went. I actually toured there my senior year of high school with our National Honors Society group. Going back now would be good, since I could actually sample the goods.

Anonymous said...

Word is your sister Stacey was spotted driving go-karts, but she says it was a friend signed up under her name.


Matt Ryan said...

Thanks for the post. Your blog is awesome. I can't thank you for it. :)