Monday, April 28

Just watched the races on TV

Man has this been a great season for supercross. First I watched Seattle, and Ralph and Emig really delivered when it was needed. I was waiting for them to miss all the excitement of that Seattle race, but they got it all and it was even better to listen to them than to our show. We were pumped and trying to keep somewhat under control and on top of the action. Ralph and Jeff were just pumping it and it was good.

The NBA playoffs are on TV right now and they pump the living crap out of how hard the players want it, what drama the games create, how teams are going to go to war for the next month. That supercross was the rare equivalent. Reed and Windham dug deep and played huge in the clutch. Under any other circumstances, Andrew Short would have won that race. But in the last five laps, the two championship guys went big and won.

Throw in the bad boy winning the West title over the golden boy, and this new "RV vs. Canard" fued, with Villo stirring it up on our show, and you've got as much drama and as many characters as you can handle. After watching the St. Louis Lites show and the Seattle race, I'm pleased to say the TV people delivered and got all of that drama on the show. I was, as usual, ready to throw the set out the window, but it was all there.

After the race on Saturday, Chad Reed was out by his rig in his gear signing autographs and just generally hanging out a good hour after the race. Still in his gear! The guy was beyond pumped, and I think in many ways he felt like he had just won the championship with that clutch ride.

Meanwhile, the YoT boys were arranging a championship party, and I'm sure Kevin Windham was getting his 9.5. hours of sleep that Jeff Spencer prescribes. We have all the tools right now, and I hope new fans are seeing it on TV like I am.


Anonymous said...

The caught Shorty and Millsap because they slowed to 'Let KDub By'. Short should have sacked up and charged for the win instead of being the fall guy. We al know what happens to the fall guys, look at IT.

rocky said...

I agree that it was totally awesome to hear some genuine enthusiasm out of Fro and the Heener. I thought the Heener's voice was gonna go out a couple of times with all the squealing he was doing. Now if they could just bring some of that excitement to the rest of the broadcasts and Fro could find something else to talk about besides how important the start is. Your webcast was of course wonderful as usual.

Great race. An instant classic. I really hope Reed and Windham can shake hands and leave the drama on the track when it's all over though. Short's moves were questionable, but Grant was the only Honda on the track that wasn't already a regular in the 450 class. I mean does Reed expect everyone to just pull over and stop any time he and KDub are around because they're the title contenders? If they were lappers it would be a different story, but it's not the Honda guys' fault that Reed got a crappy start.

Any word on Ramsey? I didn't see the crash, but I saw a pic of him afterward and his jersey sleeve was soaked with blood.

Jason Weigandt said...

I don't think Short and 'Saps slowed up, Ferry stayed about the same distance from them the whole race. I think KW and CR22 are just bad dudes right now.

Just found out that Ramsey cut his arm so bad that it tore a muscle, so now he's out for the year (which, is actually only Vegas).


Matt Ryan said...

Dude, the Speed guys did a great job, but listening to them is never better than listening to your webcasts. I've wished for a long time that Speed would let you guys announce the races instead.

ML2 said...

Was it the Seattle race where Ralph basically told Jeff that the guy with the most nerve just had to hold it on wide open through the whoops?! Jeff's "Office Space"-inspired pause and "uuuuhhh" was classic. No mention of TPS reports, thankfully!