Tuesday, April 1

Jersey's Finest

Jersey legend Mickey Kessler back in '81 at Englishtown!


Anonymous said...

Since today is April 1 I expected that I would get "Rick-Rolled" when I clicked on the video.

I am glad that was not the case.

Kreative said...

"Uh oh, two minutes 'til the next race."

If I had to wait 2 minutes for the gate to drop I'd either pee in my uniform or finally figure out a way to get rid of my nauseating Jersey accent.

That may be the funniest thing I've listened to (since hearing the Gibbs Racing Team defend its hiring of Josh Hansen).

Anonymous said...

wow! Did that ever bring back some memories. I grew up in district 3 back in the early 80's and that video pretty much says it all. Kesseler used to come up to our tracks and race some of our good ol country boys, though D3 finest, Tom Rice could usually handle anybody that dared give it a try. I still have a pair of those old Scott boots and a Bell moto 3 sitting around somewhere.

James and Lynn said...

Jason, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" it's April 1st and this was all you had up your sleeve for us blogger mongers... we miss your "GET REAL" personality... please let us know if you've been abducted by little grey men... wink twice! Faithful fans!