Wednesday, April 23

Practice Makes Imperfect

Okay, two notable themes from riders who raced in the ESPN Moto-X World Championships:

This from a Broc Hepler interview on Racer X:

But another good thing was the ESPN crew was great and let us practice for four hours on Wednesday, and then Saturday and even Sunday morning; we pretty much practiced a total of five hours on the track, so it was easy to get dialed in.

Then this from Justin Brayton's interview on Racer X:

That was cool, ESPN definitely knows how to treat their athletes. We got a ton of time on the track; we had two full practice days on the track before the race.

Okay boys, so which do you want? Lots and lots of practice, or no practice, or less practice. Because every week riders are complaining and asking for less practice, to the point where Supercross finally just stopped having Friday practice altogether a few years back. And I'll bet you good money that Saturday practice at the Nationals will be gone before long.

Then this event comes in and provides a lot of practice, and now the riders are pumped!


Tits Legendary said...

It also seems like Hepler isn't very good at math. Unless they could only practice for a total of 1 hour over Saturday an Sunday, he needs to work on his math skills.

peelout said...

i've been wondering the same thing. when i went to the nationals when i was younger, we made a point to be there on saturday to watch the practice sessions, get autographs, and check out our favorite riders. now days, the elite *coughBubbacough* riders can't even show up for saturday practice and if they do, they *coughHEcough* bitch because it's too hot, or too long, or blah blah friggin blah. not only do they bitch about it, they *coughHEcough* charge for an autograph.

i say bring back the days of MC, Emig, and all the other badasses of the sport. you were onto something with your tipping point blog... i can't thank you for it.

Matthes said...

Peelout...I hate to inform you of this but your "badass" MC didnt do nationals the last half of his career.

And when did you ever get charged for an autograph?

CRUSH said...

What is the current situation??? I was under the impression that the riders get to look at it and then practices are timed from the get go?

Why not do two sessions each, half an hour, the first free practice and the 2nd timed? There is the comment that if a rider has a bike problem then it is bad for them, but it is a competition, it is meant to be hard... get organised!