Thursday, April 17

A New Percentage!

Talked to downed GNCC Racer Barry Hawk today. Barry went flying into a tree in South Carolina on Sunday and broke four ribs, collapsed his lung and broke his shoulder blade (the collapsed lung managed to top Chad Reed--some stiff competition there). Anyway, I asked Barry when he will race again and he said he will race the next GNCC at Loretta Lynn's. He says he will be at least 10% by then. 10!!!!

Right now he's still in the single digits. I don't believe I've ever heard this before.


Fred said...

Hmm, 10%. Does 10% even know how to let out the clutch?

Anonymous said...

Only 100% more, and he'll be up with everyone else except Canard!


Matt Ryan said...

I don't think I know what "10%" means anymore. I know what 10% of 100% is. If Trey Canard says he's 10%, since he normally gives 200% does that mean he's only really at 5%? Or does that mean he's actually at 20%, since 200% is technically twice as much as possible?

Jason, I'm hoping you can explain this.