Monday, April 7


Well, sorry moto people but I had a great time at the Dickies 500 (yup) at Texas Motor Speedway yesterday. That's NASCAR, folks. Or maybe you're already a fan and you think it's okay for me to think it was okay. Motocross-related driver Carl Edwards won (he shares a trainer with Tim Ferry, actually, and he digs moto big time). And major thanks out to Michael Holigan and Merge Racing for hooking us up with the ridiculously sweet suite to watch the race in.

More on this later. Just wanted Mom and Dad to know I made it back okay (yes I use the blog to communicate with them).


Anonymous said...

You're grounded, young man!


Daniel said...

It's cool that use the blog to communicate with your parents. That shows you're progressive and down with the latest trends. Sort of like wearing neon colored clothes in the ninety's. Some trends deserved to die. So many of my friends use blogs now, it is hard to actually even get an email out of some of them.

Way to go on DMXS 2 weeks ago by the way. They kept trying to get you off topic and you kept it in between the lanes.

Fred said...

Jason... it's comments like this "So that's $750 to the collection plate of Team Faith." that make me listen to the sx broadcast every Saturday. I laughed out loud when you said that after Kevin Johnson got the gas card money.