Monday, April 28


Super Pumped On:
In a normal year, we have two champions of the East and West setting up for a showdown in Las Vegas. This year we have four main characters heading into the event, with Canard and Villopoto from the East and Dungey and Lawrence in the West. Think about taking all of these personalities and controversies and shaking them up in the same cannister. We now have unfinished business between rivals on BOTH coasts colliding with each other at the same time. Did you hear RV on the webcast say he was looking for revenge on Canard? Did you hear him say he hopes Lawrence crashes in the main so Dungey would win the title? RV has now become a hunter for real! The boys are DEAD if he gets his way.

Not Super Pumped On:
This whole "waiting for the nationals to begin" BS. Mike Alessi should be racing supercross right now. He is healed up, he is racing and riding in California, and he is paid to race supercross and motocross. I don't think DV is giving Rockstar and Makita and Suzuki the results they expected, and he's definitely not giving them the results to make up for Byrne and Alessi going out. Hey, what if Mike takes a tumble in the Talladega turn and twists his ankle real bad? What if he's out of contention for the outdoor title already? Should you put all of your eggs in that basket?
Same with Ivan Tedesco, who told us as early as San Diego that he was out until the nationals. There's no doubt iin my mind that IT could be on a bike and racing SX right now. I say do it. The field is depleted so these guys have a free pass at some results. Do you think IT and MA see Short getting podiums and say, "Well, there's no way I could compete with that guy so I might as well sit out."?

I know Tedesco feels like he came back too early last year and blew his confidence by riding hurt early in the year.

But now we have these last to second charges, and Lites guys moving up and kicking butt, but half of the talent in the 450 ranks is out. I don't think it's much to ask for the guys who could race to actually race.


Anonymous said...

That Tokyo subway thing is starting affect or is it effect?..ah no matter..after that 'Weeg against the train' thing you're starting to lose it dude. You even have 18 points to your top ten list!

Anonymous said...

I agree Jason, it is hard to take this sport serious when only about 50% of the very athletes that make it up take it seriously. I have never seen a factory contract, but if was writing one up, I would make sure that the rider's salary was reduced for races they don't qualify for. You watch the race and it is ridiculous the amount of talent that is 'riding the pine.'

cpsmith58 said...

Sapps should be caned by the ghost of Soichiro Honda for letting Reed by without a fight. He practically laid out the 'red' carpet. Hey, that's funny!

And Josh Grant's first race on a 450? "Oops, that big ole 450 just got away from me, sorry 'bout that Mr Reed."

Mike Martin said...

I must say that I do not agree with your "not so pumped on:" How can u expect riders to perform at their highest potential as soon as they start riding after an injury? They need time to heal up and get back in the groove...

Jason Weigandt said...

Millsaps is a good guy and I don't think he will race anyone that way...especially not his buddy Reed. It pains me to see how this works, but even though Honda is paying his bills, he's as loyal to his friend (Reed) as his employer. In real life, that's cool. But in professional sports, you would be livid if a defender let someone score because they were friends.

ML2 said...

Those who can, race. Those who can't, feign injury and/or wait for Outdoors.